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Providing full-cycle game development services, including QA, CX, producing, art, graphics and community management.

DECARTEL has united game development veterans, passionate and high-skilled experts with more than 15+ years of experience in game industry sharing unique vision, different backgrounds and creative approach in one full-cycle game development company. The pillars of our business are quality, responsibility and respect.

Why we're good


We are the team of game development veterans with more than 15+ years in video games industry.

Wide range

We cover full-cycle game development: from idea to release, from coding and art to QA and community.


Our experience, responsibility and talent allow us to get things done on time and with the best quality.

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Who we have worked with

A list of companies that have worked with with our team members.

Simple steps to make a strong partnership

How we work


Apply online

You provide us with your idea of a game or service-on-demand for us to estimate time and costs.


Get the feedback

We prepare time and cost sheets and discussable list of deliverables depending on your needs and vision.


Let's get started

After successful negotation we sign the contract and start working immediately providing you with a regular feedback and results tracking.

Contract Pricing

We use this pricing model when a dedicated team of experts is assigned to your full-cycle game development project over a long time period

Dedicated Team

Most outsourcing game development projects use this model, where the game project concept is undefined and the workflow is fluid

Time and Materials

We use this model for small projects of short duration with limited scope, such as developing a prototype game without scope changes

Fixed Price Contract

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