Quality Assurance

General QA

Quality assurance plays an essential role in the entire game development cycle. We will carefully test, analyze and evaluate any problems in your build and provide a detailed and professional report for your company. This ensures that your developers can quickly fix any bugs and problems on time and improve your game quality. For those customers who simply want their game to be fully tested we provide testing services.

System testing

General QA of the mentioned systems in the game:

  • Functions (new content in updates + general functionality)
  • Localization
  • Analytics
  • Payments

Our advantages

Our QA works in sprints of 7 days. We suggest hiring two QA specialists. This size of the team will make sure that they have enough time to check content in a span of a week before the public release.

A team of 2 QA managers can check up to 4 updates per month. It is highly likely that only one QA manager won’t have enough time to properly check big updates in a week, we don’t recommend it.

Additional information

Platforms: Android, iOS, PC

Type of tests: Regression test, Smoke test, and Feature test

Monetization: B2P, mostly F2P with IAP/ADs, IAP tests via Google, Simlpe Google Play payment tests+ with Circle (payment provider) in QA and Production environments

Multi-language QA: We can provide till 17 QA specialists for the following regions - UK, US, RU, IT, PL, DE, FR, ES, NL, PT, BR, BA, HR, SR, HU, NO


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