Game Design & Producing

Decartel producer,experienced in game design

Ilya Moskin


Visioner with over 10 years of experience in gaming industry, having strong expertise in game design, producing and overall game production management

Game design leader

Main projects: Grimshade, Time Detective


  • General producer of successfull outsourcing studio
  • Highly experienced in game design and game production
  • Game project management for all the stages


  • New project development
  • Marketing research including audience and trends
  • Reverse engineering
  • Design documentation
  • Game economics, monetization and balance sheets
  • Liveops and analytics
  • Audit and management of existing projects

Game design and vision

Game design is the heart and soul of the game development process. As a first step, we compile a concept document based on market research, genre, gameplay options, target audience preferences, trends, and other factors critical to understanding the niche.

Design documents and work flow

In order to begin developing a game, a decomposed design document is used as the basis for developing the overall game content. All the game development processes are crearly defined and staged in game design documentation.

We have worked with

Economics and monetization

Our team is responsible for managing in-game economics, creating monetization concepts and testing balance. In order to make accurate analyses, we prepare all the balance sheets and reports.

LiveOps and audit

We handle liveops and audit of the game, including implementation and testing the new gameplay features, adding characters and exclusive content, supporting the live events.

Game design portfolio


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