Decartel co-founder and CTO, veteran of the game development

Konstantin Zhukov

CTO, Co-Founder

Unreal Engine 4 Evangelist and Honorary UE4 Award winner with 15+ years experience in the games industry.

Technical team leader

Main projects: Skyforge, Sensorium, IL-2 Birds of Prey, Sphere, Legend: Dragon Legacy.


  • Over 25 year of software development experience
  • Over 15 years of game development experience
  • Strong technical skills
  • Rich development team management experience
  • Unreal Engine Honorary award winner for education and promotion of engine

Previously: Co-founder and CTO at Sargos Games, CT Interactive, Game Insight,, Astrum Online, Gaijin Entertainment, NIKITA.


  • Unreal Engine in game development, Amazon Web Services, C/C++, Python, Ruby, Golang and other programming languages
  • iOS, Android, XBOX and PS development and porting experience
  • Development team creation and management, agile methodology and product-focused approach

Technical team expertise

Key skills in development and technical art.


  • C++/C# and scripting for gameplay, AI and core programming
  • BP for UE, including Editor enhancing
  • Strong math skills, neural network programming for games experience. Multiplayer, network, mobile
  • Level design and scripting experience
  • VR, profiling/optimization, core subsystems etc
  • Deep expertise in UE client-server development
  • PS/XBOX/NX/Mobile porting
  • Web3 and other Blockchain-based technology

Tech artists:

  • Lighting, materials, textures, mobile and console optimization
  • Scene setup, animations etc

Core competencies

  • Unreal Engine 4 and 5
  • Unity Engine
  • Software design and architecture
  • Game development pipeline and infrastructure
  • Indoor and distributed agile team management
  • PC, Console and Mobile
  • Network, multiplayer, game server-side ecosystem
  • Technical risks management

Project experience

Our team members have worked on:

Agony, Phantom Doctrine, Grave Keeper: Streaming optimization, GUI reworking, loading, sounds, memory optimization for Switch porting.

Hollow 2: Gameplay mechanics rework, level design, weapons workflow, animation, boss mechanics, fight manager for arena system.

Space Punks: Game mechanics development. Tools for assets converting UE3/UE4.

We have worked with

Unreal Engine team

  • Over 5 experienced developers
  • Experience in gamedev from 2 to 5+ years
  • Various specializations from gameplay and AI to network and meta-servers
  • Flexible load reserves
  • Working with game mechanics and assets
  • Working with visual aspects in development
  • The track record of team members include Wargaming,, Gaijin Entertainment, and other noticeable game development companies

Unity team

  • Over 10 experienced developers
  • Experience in gamedev from 2 to 8+ years (PC and mobile games)
  • Various specializations from gameplay and AI to network and meta-servers
  • Flexible load reserves
  • The track record of team members include multiple genres: 3d Action, 3 in a row, Roguelike, HO, Strategy and indie games

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