Art & Graphics

Decartel art director,experienced in gaming art management

Varvara Lyubovnaya

Art Director

Over 7 years of experience in game art and design. Concept artist and team leader who engages talented artists in one team

Art team leader

Main projects: Grimshade, Time Detective


  • Concept artist and art director of successfull art studio
  • Vast expertise in game art and graphics
  • Art project management from scratch to final launch


  • Art direction
  • Concept art
  • Management of art team processes

Our advantages

Game icon palace concept

The main visual impression of the game is created by the artists. For video games, game artists create characters, environments, and graphics in 2D and 3D. Each creator's talents, qualifications, and passions combine under the guidance of a talented art leader to create a unique art team for your game.

Game icon art palette concept

Game artwork is one of the largest parts of game development. We provide the game art concept and vision of your game, developing the unique art game style, based on your insights or our ideas.

Game icon compas concept

We are open to discuss any of the possible changes to clearly set up your art vision and style. Overall art development are kept under the qualified art direction assuring you are in the right hands. We strive to make your game great by offering the very best services.


From scratch, we create your game world. Characters, environments, and atmospheres can be designed to meet any level of development.

Graphics in 2D

Game projects requiring 2D graphics are our forte. We do illustrations and marketing art. Locations, props, environments, and the surrounding area are also our forte.

We have worked with

Spine animations and VFX

In Spine, we create animations, bring characters to life and create cool visual effects.

Graphics and UX

Our team prototypes gameplay, develops user interface style, and designs visual elements. We aim to make the game convenient, beautiful, and enjoyable.

Concept art and game graphics portfolio


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